1st Jan 1986(Wed)

Washed my hair and cleaned my face with Malai. Large amount of dirt was out. We had our lunch at Mami’s place. I went out with Manisha in the evening. I felt awkward walking in Borivli’s streets after those carefree walking inGujarat.

Meena Ben had gone to Santacruz and she met Nisha and all. They had all stayed on 31st night at Nisha’s place and today had gone to Juhu. They had tried to ring at my place yesterday. I felt damn bad for missing it.

                                                       2nd Jan 1986(Thu)

I wanted to go to college but went to Manoj Bhai’s Mandap Mahurat. It was good meeting everybody. I felt a bit silly in the afternoon when I was roaming out on ideas. I went to Avanti where I met nobody then to MeghMahal where all were asleep. We went to see Malati Ben while coming back. She got a boy yesterday.

                                                       3rd Jan 1986(Fri)

I went to college today. I felt good seeing everybody. I felt like home. Mamta, Vidhya and all who had gone to the NSS camp kept telling me that they remembered me at the camp. Then when we were down she introduced me to a boy Vinay. I got some idea that he must be liking me and was flattered a bit. But afterwards they said they were fooling and they were talking about Manoj. It was all round-round and I felt damn silly.

                                                       4th Jan 1986(Sat)

Today was Manoj Bhai’s wedding.  I didn’t know what to wear until the last minute. But both times I wore Chaniya Choli. During marriage there were some of Nisha’s real smart cousins who held the show. I felt bored then. Ajay Bhai talked about a girl that he likes and that he had with the help of Shamji, the snaps of all girls he liked and an album of it that Shamji keeps. He met the girl at a marriage and he showed us her snaps and he even knows where she stays. He found it all by his cunningness and wiseness.

                                                       8th Jan 1986(Wed)

Today was a card day in college and I got four cards from Manoj filled with shairis. I was feeling damn bad in the recess but then I decided that I had to tell him something and after college I asked him to keep his shairis to himself. He said it was a joke and I asked him what kind of joke this was. Ashok also send asking to come out of hai-bye business. This days I feel damn down in my dumps. I feel as if everything I do is wrong. Smruti earns Rs. 800 in tuitions, Ami earns 1500 while I sit and spend daddy’s money. I need some goal. I am getting tired with everything and everybody even Anil.

‘How will my future be, I wonder

I have confident and the world can be mine,

Why don’t you see I have confidence in me,

Oh Help

I have confidence in confidence alone.

I need courage to face my mistakes without defiance,

To face my trouble without realiance,

I’ll be firm but kind.’

                                                        9th Jan 1986(Tue)

Today I had gone to college all in good spirits to fight my life’s troubles. I had worn Gita’s midi and was confident. The day was quite good only in Recess Ashok came and asked me what I thought. I said ‘what?’ and then he said there were only 2 months of his college left and I quiet blankly said ‘So what?’ Wonder what people think of themselves. I should have straightaway told him I’m not interested. I was wrong from the start. I shouldn’t have made friends only with him. If he advances any further I’m going to tell him straightaway what I think. I’m sure there must be some of my fault also behind all this and I better improve soon, very soon.

At 4:00 p.m. we went to Praful Bhai’s bond to see storehouse and then we went to Taj Flight kitchen and Ambassador Kitchen. I enjoyed looking at everything and admiring the efficiency. It was damn fun. All the people we met there were as good as Praful Bhai. It was fun. And for that time I forgot my troubles of college.

                                                 12th Sept 1986(sun)

There was a sammelan of sawar Kundlawala’s at Agashi and we had all gone there. We were late because of some gadbad of cars and I felt a bit awkward there at first but then all was okay. There were two guys from our college but I didn’t know whether to smile. I didn’t. We had gone to a beach there. While coming back home our car stopped and so all the other 4 cars waited for us and we stood in the dark as it was repaired. A nice experience.

                                                 14th Jan 1986(Tue)

Today was ‘Utran’ and all were flying kites. I wanted to fly one but it was too awkward having everybody around. I felt awkward even to come out at terrace. Jasmine Bhabhi had come and in the evening we all went to Neelam with Hemali and her husband. It was fun. Last Saturday also we had gone there as Bhumpi gave her party for passing SSC exam.

                                                 15th Jan 1986(Wed)

Today morning we had fun with Dhrashti. We skipped and Dhrashti also tried. Then she had put Kajal all over her face and said ‘Anjan Lagao Chu’. She looked like a real Bhut(ghost).

Then after college which was damn dragger I went to Nisha’s and Hemal’s place. Then at 1:00 I met raji at New talkies and she took me to her beauty parlour where she had to give her Beauty exams. She did Manicure-Pedicure. She was very nervous and couldn’t do waxing because of that. The exam was a trial. We ate near Elco, roamed at Elco market and came back.

                                                 17th Jan 1986(Fri)

In the morning till 12:00 I was with the plants.

                                                 18th Jan 1986(Sat)

I had gone to college. We didn’t have any lectures. All were free. I went with Rupa and group to Rasraj. It was fun. My stomach pained while coming back. I had got my periods. Whole day was spent home. I wrote two letters to pen friends.

In the evening Vijay had called and I thought it was Nimish and coolly asked him how he was and all and gave to Meena Ben. I felt damn stupid about it.

                                                 19th Jan 1986(sun)

In the morning at 6:15 I left my place. The road was lonely. I enjoyed myself. I was the first to reach Golden Tobacco. We left at 8:00. We went to Vihar. Not to the main part but to some ground and the whole day we were there. We played all sorts of game. Couple game, spinster game, dodge ball, help-help, gold spot, dog and bone, Kho, dumb charades, ring, Frisbee, Antakshari and it was fun. Nimish, Hardik and all were damn funny. Rajul and frouphad also come and it was fun. I came back home at 8:00. I was so tired that I could have slumped that time only.

                                                 20th Jan 1986(Mon)

I didn’t go to college. Took rest.

                                                 21st Jan 1986(Tue)

In college today they were going to make lots for the stall at Fun-Fair. Nisha got a stall. Out of 430 applications they gave only 40. Nimish, Hardik and Manish joined us.

                                                 22nd Jan 1986(wed)

After college, I came home and then again went to Nisha’s place. At college we were thinking of some name for the stall. We put it as ‘Kandeel’ as we were going ot have the light game.

At Nisha’s place we were busy making poster for advertising. We were all of us and it was fun.

                                                        23rd Jan 1986(thu)

At college they told us to have only games or food not both and if games, only a single game. So we put up only food. The college people are damn strict about passes. I went straight to Hemal’s place and we made the big banner with it. I was very tired when I reached home at night.

                                                        24th Jan 1986(Fri)

The big Fair day. In the morning I got up and went early to college. We took ticket passes and then went to Nisha’s place. I was feeling very bored, not at all excited. We returned to college. Half of the students hadn’t got passes. Abhijeet asked me for my number and class as he said he wanted to send Rose. I felt very much in a fix whether to give or not. I didn’t. Then I met Anil. Even he didn’t have a pass and asked me to keep one. I had kept one.Tushar gave me but he didn’t come. That (the talk) was the end of my sulkiness.

We decorated the stall and got everything. Meena Ben – Meeta Ben wanted to come but I couldn’t get passes for them. I had hardly eaten anything the whole day. During the fair it was fun calling everybody and talking and we had fun. We had Candy Floss, Grape juice, Pineapple juice and Khashta Kachori. Everything was sold out. We made 300 Rs. profit. Manish, Nimish, Hardik didn’t want any profit and they asked the music choice people to play ‘Some guys have all the Luck’ for us. We reached Nisha’s place at 12:00. Nimish left us.

                                                        27th Jan 1986(Mon)

Today we had Deshi Day in college. I had worn Kalu’s Chaniya Choli and taken a plait and it looked good. In college everyone was outside. Ashok was there and he somewhat spoiled my mood. Deepak and group had bought camera and we took pictures. Then we decided to give ourselves a party at Golden Chariot and we all ten of us went there. Mita, the three boys and we 6 girls. The boys were nice company and we enjoyed ourselves. We had Yankee Doodle ice cream. I came home at 4:00.

                                                        28th Jan 1986(Tue)

Today was Rose Day in college. I had worn Black midi of Bhumpi’s. Morning I went alone for 1st lecture. I had got 16 roses. It was very funny coming all the way walking home. I met Bhavna on the road. I went to her place and left my roses there. In the morning I was getting frightened as to what I would do if Anil sends me a Rose. But he didn’t. Though I had got one anonymous wonder who it was.

In the evening I went with Mama, Mami and Meena Ben to see ‘Savita Damodar Paranjpe’. It was about some spiritual thing. Frightening. It was because the man didn’t marry a girl and her spirit troubled his wife.

                                                        30th Jan 1986(Thu)

Today was Malay’s schools Parent’s Day. All of us had gone there. There were all dances. The Junior K.G. students didn’t do at all in togethereness and it was fun watching them. They were very cute. Malay was there in theBreakdance.

                                                        31st Jan 1986(Fri)

Bhumpi’s college Day. I had gone to sleep at Bhavna’s place. We studied a bit.

                                                        1st Feb 1986(Sat)

Our college Day. My hair stayed oily and I felt damn bad. But the Churidar looked good. The Rani one. I had put a hair band. We first went to Chinki’s birthday. I had to wait for Hemal, Aparna, Jayshree for ½ hour. It was fun at the birthday. Nisha’s cousins were good. The college day was a big drag. None of the programmers were good and I was very much bored with Deepak and all’s Co. Then I went to see the Drama with my family. It was good. TheBorivli crowd was not so bad.

                                                 2nd Feb 1986(Sun)

We won the match against New Zealand and therefore came in the Finals with Australia. It was good watching it.

Then there was Elimination of Personality Contest. Amee had taken part and Nisha and myself went to see it. She was selected. It was good seeing everybody answering. It was a nice crowd. Before the results, the college students danced and sang and said poetries and it was fun. The compere was good and Priyesh was a judge. Another judge said in his speech that Personality is a thing that makes other person feel free with you.

                                                 5th Feb 1986(Wed)

We lost the match. Australia won.

                                                        13th Feb 1986(Thu)

Anju Ben came home to stay for two days. She is visiting from London. Sumeet was time pass and I felt good. I like Anju Ben.

                                                15th feb 1986(Sat)

Today was the Personality Contest. I had worn Bhumpi’s midi. Tarun Dhanrajgir, Sonu walia, shakti Kapur and Jalal Agha had come. Tarun and Sonu looked good. Jalal Agha was acting damn stupid and dirty. Aparna’s birthday was today and we all had gone to Rasraj. Then as I had got my periods I had concelled my picnic to Blue Belirina Beach. But I wanted to go also and was frightened to ask at home also. I was in a big fix and all muddled up. I also cried a bit at Nisha’s place. Kalu and Ajay Bhai had come home.

                                                        21st Feb 1986(Fri)

Today was the birthday of one of Manas (the Gujrati boys) and I didn’t want to go to Rasraj with them. But I had to. I felt damn bugged about it at the time as I felt as if I was just being dragged into doing something I didn’t want to. Though it wasn’t so bad after all.

                                                        22nd feb 1986(Sat)

Mummy’s birthday. I had gone to college. It was officially the last day of college for this year. One fellow who always tells ‘Hello’ whenever he sees me was right behind me. I used to feel flattered at first but these days I had forced myself to make a face or at least ignore him. Though before also I had never acted stupid.

Then I had gone to Hemal’s house. I had lunch at Nisha’s place. Her mummy was damn good. We hardly studied anything. It was good talking with Nisha-Hemal. While coming back I thought about writing a book on college life. I could write all my experiences in it.

                                                 10th March 1986(Mon)

As Mota Bhai-Mota Bhabhi are going to America, we had a send-off party and our whole family had lunch and gave bouquets. I can’t write it was fun because I was acting stupid to the core and recently I have grown damn stupid. If somebody leaves me, I curse that person and feel like being worse as contrast to what I should really do. I can’t do my best at first. I think the reason is that because I am doing the most boring thing at present – studying.

                                                 11th March 1986(Tue)

In the morning I got up with a dull mood. Whole morning I was thinking of the party yesterday and cursed myself and then made some resolutions and then all was not bad. But my resolution never seem to last. I wonder how all this is going to end. But whatever it is I am going to do my best, very best. Do whatever I want to do and I sue will see to it that I want to do something big.

The boys of Gautam Nagar are damn stupid. They whistle when I go to water plants. I never used to see before but now it bugs me. I don’t know what to do. Why can’t people mind their own business. I can’t study in terrace (where I love) because of it and today I felt damn low because of the whistles as if I’m a cheap thing.

                                                 17th March 1986(Mon)

First day of exams. We had eco exams. I had worn the blue skirt Meena Ben had bought and my hair were looking good. I was feeling very good. My paper was not too good. It was easy. But I felt very nervous for 2 questions and I wonder if I’ll pass. I hope I do.

I studied with Nisha in library. That fellow, Rahul whom I liked in FYJC and SYJC (first two years) was standing outside after exams and looking at me and I felt very flattered and happy.

                                                 22nd March 1986(Sat)

Exams are over.

We roamed about in Nisha’s car after the exam till we waited for Mita-Sheila-Mona. It was fun seeing everybody’s happy faces showing end of a boring dilemma. There is a boy in SYJC, Ajay who I think likes me. He is a cute boy. We had gonet o Vihar-Powai picnic together.

After exams we went to Dhanraj Hotel for lunch and then roamed about here and there aimlessly. We had coconut water at Juhu. It was fun though I was not in best of moods and was stupid at times.

                                                       23rd Mar 1986(Sun)

The day after exams. Idle mind was devil’s workshop at times. I was jittery. We all, 3 houses had lunch at Lata Masi’s house. In the evening we had gone to Gorai Khadi.

                                                       25th Mar 1986(Tue)

A day that’ll be marked as unfortunate. Bunty died today. I was shocked when Rajul’s Kaki told me about it. Bhumpi-Guddi have not been told yet as their exams are going on. I see Bhumpi’s happy face and Guddi’s plans for her trip to Muscat and I wonder what shock they are about to get and the way their life is going to be changed. I didn’t cry but I felt very sad for everything and everybody.

                                                       26th Mar 1986(Wed)

Today was Dhulati. Everybody was playing. I felt damn dumb just sitting and I laughed and fooled about. But I didn’t go out to play. Worked a lot. Raju threw buckets of water on me.

In the evening I went out to walk with Kaka  and family and they were having juice and even I had. Manisha said that I shouldn’t have but as it is I eat everything then why not this.

                                                       27th May 1986(Thu)

In the evening Bhavna had come and then I helped her in accounts. I slept at her place. We had gone t o Sai Baba Nagar.

                                                28th March 1986(Fri)

Today morning at Bhavna’s place, early from Indore her uncle rang up saying that they were coming over here. Bhavna and all wondered why? I thik her Kaka-Kaki knows now.

                                                       29th Mar 1986(Sat)

Bhavna’s Mummy-Daddy came from Muscat and Guddi-Bhumpi came to know at that time only. Rajul, Gita and myself we went afterwards and they were crying. I couldn’t cry. I felt damn bad and sad. Until he died, Bunty knew he was dying and said ‘Namaste’

                                                       15th April 1986(Tue)

We got our results. I passed. Got 3rd class. 42%. 5 marks grace in Eco. It was fun in college. Ashok told me I was lucky for him and he wanted to see my face before his exams. I frankly told him ‘So Stupid’ and he was asking me whether I got frightened of him and all. I don’t know why he got the idea. It must because I never liked to talk to him then also I talked and all those stupid things I used to do. He told me don’t talk now and I was too glad to say ‘Yes’

                                                        21st April 1986(Mon)

Bhavna went to Muscat today. In the morning we both had gone to do all work at tailor and all. We went to Dwarka where two of us were all alone in the A/c room. Bhavna said that she was afraid that her Mummy will start crying at Muscat and that what will she do there all alone. In the afternoon when they went Masi was crying very bitterly. They had to say good bye to Pushpa Masi also who would go to America. I felt damn sad for all of them. They’ve lost Bunty and now Umang-Tarang also who are quite fun will also be gone. Tarang was asking for a party and I got icecreams for them and ‘FROOTI’. I’ll miss Guddi.

                                                        24th April 1986(Thu)

We had gone to college for admissions. I enjoy at college. We had gone in Gita’s car as she was recently operated. It was fun.

                                                        18th May 1986(Sun)

Hansa Faiba has come to stay and we all went to Observation Point. Mama and all had also come. It was fun. We played there and while coming I came in Mama’s scooter and it was fun.

                                                        19th May 1986(Mon)

Today morning I went to Gorai Khadi with Hitesh Bhai. I learned a bit of scooter. The weather was very good. It was raining a bit early in the morning.

                                                        22nd May 1986(Thu)

I went with Kalu, Hansa Faiba to Matunga in the evening. I had gone to Megh Mahal and Ajay Bhai took me to Gypsy to eat Chinese with Nimit. It was nice experience. We met Ajay Bhai’s friend Jayant and his wife and their dog Rinku.

                                                        23rd May 1986(Fri)

Pushpa Kaki is learning driving and I went with her. I felt very much like learning it. Kalu also drives perfectly and I envied her. I’m waiting for our car. In the evening we had gone to Varsha Bhabhi’s place. Then to FiveGardens. I enjoyed sitting in the front of the car with Kalu driving. Everybody looked at girls driving but many girls were driving. At night I came back home with Pappa in Praful Bhai’s car. Everybody was asking me to stay.

                                                        24th May 1986(Sat)

In the afternoon after typing classes I went to Nisha’s place. I enjoyed there. Hemal had also come. We went to Linking Road afterwards in Vibes and Memsaab and Follw Me. Hemal took a churidar, nice one. Then we had gone to elco. It was fun. A nice evening. Babita had come at home and we had made dosa and that was also fun.

                                                        25th May 1986(Sun)

This days I sit at home doing nothing and I feel damn bugged at times and I shout and fight with everybody. I just can’t talk straight with anybody. Everybody bugs me. I hate Malay. He never listens to me. Stupid. And then he’ll come and joke and it bugs me. Then Bhabhi and Meena Ben talk ill about everybody and I just hate that from the end corner of my heart and this all just leads to my being sick at home. And above that there is this damn hot season.      

                                                        25th July 1986(Fri)

We had gone to Lonavla. The atmosphere was good. We went to Bushy dam. On Saturday we went to the falls and I got wet there though I didn’t think I would and I enjoyed it. Ajay Bhai’s friends had also come and they were all good. Kalu and Manisha had also come. Kalu’s friends when we came back to Bombay on Sunday told Kalu thatI was sweet and I was in the seventh world. While coming back daddy was angry at Ajay Bhai and they argued and we were all sad while coming back.

                                                        29th July 1986(tue)

Today while going to college we 3 had met Suren at the station and I had met Geeta first at the station. In order to tease her I said that “Geeta, first you were not in a good mood, how come your mood changed” and she quite blankly said “What do I talk with you?” I was shocked. I’m so dumb or what I don’t know but I just follw them and I don’t think I enjoy in their company. Malay tells me I’m dumb and everybody in college also make me feel dumb. I know I’ve got brains and I’m going to use them.

                                                        5th Aug 1986(Tue)

Today there was Dandia Raas organized by college students because of ‘Divasa’. Whole day went in its thoughts. Bhumpi, Guddi, Sameer and myself had gone. We didn’t play a bit. It was very crowded and by the time I got over it, it was over. In the end I wanted to play but there was no more. Sameer came to leave us. I slept at Bhavna’s place. It was 3:15. I was looking like a perfect Mani with my plait. It comes very small and I don’t like it andMeeta Ben had taken a tight one. I had worn Kalu’s Chaniya Choli.

                                                        7th Aug 1986(Thu)

Today went with Nimish, Manish, Hardik, Amee and Hemal to the bus depot BEST for booking buses for Chinchote on 24th.

                                                        8th Aug 1986(Fri)

It was raining heavily the whole night. I didn’t go to college. There was a Wild Wings meeting. This is second meeting I’ve missed. At the meeting they decided to take two buses as if we take our group only there would be 30 or something. Then they have decided to have Rose Day on the 14th. They had gathered at Nisha’s place and were making chits. I have a feeling thatI won’t get many roses like last time. I’ve not done my best.

                                                        18th Aug 1986(Mon)

We had gone to ‘The Golden Chariot’. Nisha-Hemal’s party. It was fun.

                                                        20th Aug 1986(Wed)

Today there was intercollegiate Personality contest at Bhaidas at 6:30. I had worn my white trousers and Bhumpi’s T-shirt. It looked good. Shekhar Kapoor, Dilip Dhavan(Guru), Kiran Juneja and Sonu Walia had come. We left early and I had gone back stage with Priti (Meeta Ben had come) I asked Shekhar Kapoor for auto in my ID card. He saw it and smiled. I told him you acted very good in Khandaan. He said Thanks. He looked very good. I was flying all the way home.

                                                        22nd Aug 1986(Fri)

This days all time in college goes about discussing about the hike. It is vedry boring and I wonder how I got inside it.

                                                        24th Aug 1986(Sun)

HIKE DAY – It was fun for me, mostly. But all said that the organization was not good. It was 1 ½ hour walk from main road. The falls were very good. Rupa-Gita spoiled my mood. They and group didn’t mix with anybody.Suren-Nikhil-Chandresh and Sanket had come afterwards. They were with them only. Everybody was tired by the time they came down and hungry. Then as decided nobody wanted to go to Tungareshwar so all came to National Park and I went with Jayshree-Aparna to Rupa’s place and then we played a bit. It was tiring.

                                         14th Sept 1986(sun)

I went for the interview for which I had sent an application some days before in a library. It went fine. I thin I’ll get it as there were hardly any good competitors. Bhavna had come with me and I fekt damn bugged with her. She took cards from there and took 5 Rs from me. Then she wanted to come by a rickshaw and took 2 Rs from me. I felt damn wild at her and all the joy of the interview evaporated. I got my periods and so couldn’t go to Kanak Kaki’sSanji.

                                                 17th Sept 1986(wed)

I had gone to the library as I was called today. My job is confirmed. It is very far from the station and coming area is not good and the owner asked me to wear good clothes and I’m sure that would be a big problem as he also said that other girls left because of the boys who came there often and took advantage. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted the job but I fekt uneasy all the way home and when I reached home, daddy flatly told me not to do the job.

                                                        18th Sept 1986(Thu)

Very confused whole day as to what to do. I don’t want to sit whole Diwali vacation at home doing nothing (arguing and getting bugged with everyone) and I don’t want to go in the library (I don’t know what I wish, to go or not) I didn’t like the look people gave me yesterday.

Couldn’t study.

                                                        19th Sept 1986(Fri)

I rang up at Pick-Up Library. Vicky Shah was not there. I talked to the manager, Virendra. I couldn’t talk frankly, matter of factly. I just said I wasn’t coming as Daddy refused.

                                                        20th Sept 1986(Sat)

This days I got o college all alone. I don’t go with rupa-Geeta after that day when Gita insulted me. Though I’m quite friendly when I meet them by chance. The most difficult part is answering the glances of people who had always seen us together. Otherwise I like going alone.

After today we have one week’s holiday for studying.

                                                        23rd Sept 1986(Tue)

This days I’m not in good terms with Bhavna. We haven’t faught or anything. But that friendship which we had enjoyed is not at all enjoyable now. I don’t think she likes my way of thinking. I don’t like hers. Then there is always arguments about clothes in our house. I don’t wear any of her clothes now and I hope she does the same soon and I always fear that she’ll cheat me now and then so I don’t go with her. I don’t ring also much at her place.

At home also nobody thinks anything of me. My only heaven is at college. Though I’m not going to give up and keep trying my best for the BEST.

                                                        8th Nov 1986(Sat)

I ducked in two. I will have to study hard if I want to get 2nd class at least in order to get computers for TY.

                                                        16th Nov 1986(Sun)

Dipa and myself, we came back from Bangalore, back from lovely 17 day holiday. It was fun, fun all the way. Even the coming back was fun. Home Sweet Home.

                                                   19th Nov 1986(wed)

Today was Deshi Day. I had gone with Rupa-Gita and as usual I felt small-small with them. Even college was a bore. Everybody just standing dowm. College is getting a bore this days especially cause I have to come alone all the way there.

                                                       20th Nov 1986(Thu)

Got the most shattering news. Bhavna is going steady with Rajesh. Bhumpi told me and I felt like a Lallu. I never suspected it at all. Bhumpi said even she knew only 15 days back though she suspected. They matched each others Janma Patris even. Bhumpi says(even I feel) that she doesn’t like Rajesh but is after the money. My God, what friends I have. I really felt lonely when I came back home after leaving Bhumpi. She used to tell all lies and I used to think she was my best friend.

                                                       6th Dec 1986(Sat)

In the evening Hemal and me went to see Vincent’s study class. Nice experience.

                                                       7th Dec 1986(Sun)

It was picnic time. We went to Kanheri caves. I didn’t play much. That fellow who said I sent him a rose also came. Hardik teased me with Manish-Shailesh. It was bugging. I was too I felt later acting a bit sick about money business. I should be more free with it. I’ll try my best now.

                                                       11th Dec 1986(Thu)

Today was card day at college. Hardik-Shailesh-Bharat they sent us horrible cards of ‘Vaghran’ and not having bath and I felt damn shameful in front of whole class. It was damn bad. I’m not going to college for 2 days.Whilecoming I bought the book ‘The class’ to read. It’s good.

It was Jigar’s birthday. We went to Manjid-Da-Dhaba. It was fun. We sat in a group and it was nice experience. I met Arti.

                                                       12th Dec 1986(Fri)

Didn’t go to college. Dhrasti had come. I went with her to the bank then to Kwality and then to garden. It was fun.