3rd Jan 1988(Sun)

We left for Ahmedabad to do yatra for a week. I dedicated my yatra for the peace to come back on family.

                                                       17th Jan 1988(Sun)

Today at 10:30, Meena kaki rang up saying if we wanted to show Meeta Ben to one of Anupama Ben’s friends son at 11:30. Meeta Ben got bugged at first but then said do whatever you’ll want and she did go.

The son was good. I guessed Meeta Ben had guessed this was it and she was in high moods.

                                                       20th Jan 1988(Wed)

Those Shah people came home. The guy Sanjay is good. Quiet. Quiet. His Mummy-Daddy are also too good. They prefer Meeta Ben to do a job. It’s like a dream come true for all of us especially Meeta Ben.

Now I do believe that there is God. He just has to be there. THANK YOU, GOD.

                                                       21st Jan 1988(Thu)

Meeta Ben’s is fixed. It was fun at college today. It seems everybody was in high moods. Hemal had also seen a guy yesterday. Smruti was going to see one on Saturday. Rupa was going to see one soon and if he says ‘Yes’ she will get married in a week’s time. Then in library when we were studying Sonal Vora came and was telling her friend that even she got engaged. I ‘to’ couldn’t study. For one hour I was reading the same page with nthing inside my mind. It was as Bhumpi put it “It is nice to be in TY with everyone getting engaged”

Kirti Kaka and Jasmine Bhabhi said that they had selected a guy for me. I do not know what I should do. Start seeing boys or wait. It needs thinking and if I go on thinking, I do not know where my studies will go. I better make decisions fast. I better start doing things fast. If I remain my cool thanda self I’m not reaching anywhere.

Again I’ve started driving the car. It is fun.

Today Meeta Ben went for her first outing with Sanjay and she couldn’t sleep at night. It must be exciting.

                                                       3rd Feb 1988(Wed)

Today is Meeta Ben’s engagement.

I’ve decided to, no I just want to note down interesting courses that I plan to do

i)Programming – Datapro

ii)Airlines Management and Ticketing – IITC


iv)Catering college


                                                       11th Feb 1988(Thu)

This days Papa is trying to keep a meeting with an engineer fellow. I’m very much frightened of the outcome. Yesterday Sanjay said that he is very good. He is older than him, has specs, is quiet andSanjay said a social person unlike him.

Yesterday night Sanjay had come and he and Meeta Ben argued with Daddy as to have a Civil marriage. It was damn good and exciting to hear the talks.

Then after they went away I couldn’t sleep as thinking of my future. There are so many questions unanswered. I cried at night. I have faith in God and I could only pray.

Then today, I went to the orphanage nearby at Manav Seva Sangh. All the kids are damn good. When I entered they said Namaste and were sticking to me. Some are real cute. I fekt a bit bored today and I didn’t feel like going but I think I’ll go tomorrow. It’s the least I can do for them. I’ll do my best. God help me.

                                                        14th Feb 1988(Sun)

Today I saw that fellow Minu, engineer fellow. He wasn’r very good. I said no. I was acting very stupid and sick. I was feeling very much frightened. But when Kalu said that he was OK, it was less scary.

Rupa got married today. They were having all fun at her place but I felt like a big nanny.

                                                       16th Feb 1988(Tue)

Today Eva (my penfriend from Sweden) came to Bombay and I called her and I’ll go to meet her tomorrow.

                                                       17th Feb 1988(Wed)

I went to meet Eva at 9:00. We went to the beach, to college and then they (she and one of her friends) came home. Though it was not much fun, it was exciting to know foreigners in India. It is exciting the way people look at you.

This days it seems I have forgotten what real fun is. I don’t know when I really felt very happy and really proud of myself as I did something. It is as if I’m becoming a big ‘Lallu’ and it’ll be so if I do not pick myself up fast. I better start now. I’ll do my best.

Today Nisha rang up. Her brother also got engaged.

                                                       22nd Feb 1988(Mon)

I’ve finally made up my mind as to what courses to take:

i)Computer courses – DataPro

ii)Ailines, Travel and Tourism Management – IITC

iii)Nazareth Public Speaking.

                                                      12th May 1988(Thu)


Tarla Dalal

Computers (Bhupat Kaka)


Sophia (19th May)

Davar’s(finishing school)

Poetry Competition.

                                                      6th July 1988(Wed)

It’s after a long time that I write. I’m all alone now. Meeta Ben got married on 25th June. She got married not in a traditional Indian marriage but a civil marriage where lawyer comes and signs the papers. We did have a party though and lots of other fun.

I miss her at times.

On Monday, the 4th of July I had gone for my Computer classes at Saki Naka called Bits. They have a very pleasant atmosphere over there. But their work is somewhat loose and I have to grow strict and stern to get my way. This is one among the many things I have to learn

ii)Do not be short tempered

iii)Learn to be patient. GROW UP.

iv)Look beautiful. Take care of your looks. This is the time you will find the BEAU with whom I have to live the rest of my life.

So, I’ll better do my best.

 This days I was very jitterey because of all the changes and fear of future. But at present I’m confident. But I have to be at my best to perform my best and I have to work hard.

The path is not at easy for the happy go lucky.

Today in the newspapers I read about animation in films and I was tempted to do it. I’ll keep it in mind as I go further in my career.

                                                       2nd Oct 1988(sun)

Today I was supposed to see a guy but didn’t cause someone died at their place.

This days I’ve heard a lot of praises showered and I feel frightened that it may harm me by going ot my head. But I know I’ll be the one to suffer at last if I do something wrong.

Be wise, live wise. After all, you are one among millions and God has sent you to live wisely and happily , not worrying.