16th Jan 1987(Fri)

We three sisters and Kalu went shopping. We brought a bag and a lovely churidar.

At night we all stayed at Megh Mahal and we had fun.

                                                       17th Jan 1987(Sat)

I came from Megh Mahal early and then again in the evening went to Hemal’s place to sleep. Her parents had gone out. At night she came to know that her sister was engaged. She was dancing.

We enjoyed at night. We sat talking till 12:00 (about boys, meditation, jokes and all). Then we saw the movie ‘Girls just wanna have fun’. It was a good and fun movie.

                                                       24th Jan 1987(sat)

Today was the personality contest. The contestants and judging was not good but the compere was the cutest ever (Arjun Bajaj). Zakhir Hussain did some sound with fingers which was good.

                                                       25th Jan 1987(Sun)

We went to Poona. Dhrashti had also come. So we were Mota Bhai, Mota Bhabhi, Ba, Ajay Bhai, Mahendra Kaka and family (excluding Bhavin) and our family.

We stayed at Sanjay’s flat and the society was very peaceful and pleasant.

At night when we went for a walk, everywhere we saw large, lonely villas.

                                                       26th Jan 1987(Mon)

We went to see Aga Khan’s palace and then to see Rajneesh’s ashram. At night we came back.

                                                       27th Jan 1987(Tue)

In the afternoon I went to Nisha’s place to prepare posters and stayed there the night. At night we made nice faceson the poster.

                                                       28th Jan 1987(Wed)

Today was the fair. It was a drag. There were hardly any crowd. Half of our things remained as they were. I’m sure we didn’t make any profits but we’ll cover the expenses.

I had worn my black Churidar and it looked damn smart but I wasn’t in a mood.

At 11:00 we went to Shabari to eat.

                                                       29th Jan 1987(Thu)

I came from Nisha’s place and whole day I took rest. I went to get my learning


                                                       30th Jan 1987(Fri)

Today morning I went walking with Meena Ben-Kaka. Then I went to college with Rupa and I met Anil. Since m any days I wanted to talk to him. He asked me about the college programmes(Rose Day, Card Day) He said that I must have got many roses. He asked me about my future plans and I couldn’t stop from saying that I’m going to States. I told him about the Sion flat where we are going to be moving.

Then in the evening I went for my driving lessons. It was fun.

                                                       1st feb 1987(Sun)

We had gone to see our new flat. It is good. I think I’m going to enjoy there. But when we had gone to Megh Mahal, I felt as if Varsha Bhabhi was just bearing us. I didn’t like it a bit. We all had gone to Shankar for Pav Bhaji and then to Dimple for ice cream.

There were so many of us at the flat and everybody was making their own plans about the furniture and all and it was such a good feel.

                                                       3rd Feb 1987(Tue)

Driving has started. I enjoy driving. But at times I don’t know what to do or I just don’t feel like driving anymore and I do all wrong. All show that I’m not responsible. I better improve.

Before and after lessons I feel as if I know everything about driving but then something goes wrong that’s what the teacher says. He says I go too fast and I don’t have the control. I better improve and learn everything new every day.

                                                       4th Feb 1987(Wed)

Yesterday both time I ate at Masi’s place and I felt somehow bad about it and low. I promise never to be so now onwards.

Meena Ben – Meeta Ben both are at Megh Mahal and the house looks very empty-empty.

                                                       5th Feb 1987 (Thu)

Today was the college day. Morning I was in a very sick mood. But after driving I just felt like going for college and I got ready fast and went. It wasn’t good except for the fashion show. Rahul’s friend’s were there in it.

I came back with Geeta and all in her car which we got quite by luck. It was fun.

                                                       6th Feb 1987(Fri)

Today I got my chums. I went to college to study with Meeta and my stomach pained a lot. There was a girl in the train who was staring at me (I feel) and then smiled. I got frightened somehow.

I just couldn’t study and I asked Meeta to come down for a drink and while drinking Lemonade my head started spinning and I fell down. Then Meeta wouldn’t allow me to come home and she took me to her place from where I came at about 12:00 with Nisha and all, who went to town.


                                                       9th Feb 1987(Mon)

I went with Hardik to get the parcel that Ahmad (my penfriend from Pakistan) had sent. I enjoyed sitting on the bike but I had to pay a high price when I came back to college. Everybody was staring. Rahul saw us.

The place where we had gone was damn posh. Mrs. Nehru was damn good. Ahmad send a perfume bottle of Rs. 700/- and some high stockings both of which don’t interest me. Hardik took the perfume bottle. Couldn’t tell him No.

                                                       11th Feb 1987(Wed)

That Rambo rang up at my place twice. I got damn bugged. Hardik had given him my number and he said he was Hardik speaking when somebody else took the phone. Mummy asked me why he said he was Hardik. And Mummy asked how Hardik was and Mummy advised me to walk carefully in life as every step shows in the end.

Kalu is going steady with a fellow of her college ‘Ketan’. Mummy told me today,

                                                        13th Feb 1987(Fri)

We (Hemal and me) went to Bhavan’s college to see the advertising exhibition. It was a nice one. All ads were social ads.

                                                        16th Feb 1987(Mon)

Today we saw students distributing forms which advertised about students group ‘VAS’ which gives apprenticeship to undergraduate students.

We bought the forms. The organizers were damn cute.

My snaps have come horrible and even the driving teacher said that I looked like a bhut (ghost)

                                                        17th Feb 1987(Tue)

We filled and gave the forms.

                                                        18th Feb 1987(Wed)

We went to see the movie ‘Mirch Masala’ a movie by Ketan Mehta. It was a lovely movie which have lovely direction and sceneries and lovely characters. It was fun.

                                                        19th Feb 1987(Thu)

Today the names of applicants of AISEC (VAS) who were selected for interview were put up.

Jayshree and me went to Sydenham college in town for the interview. Aparna had also come. My interview was horrible. I felt damn bad about my FY and SY (1st term) results.

In the evening it was Jasmita’s reception and I went straight to Kalu’s place.

                                                        20th Feb 1987(fri)

The house is very much lonely without Meena Ben – Meeta Ben.

                                                       23rd Feb 1987(Mon)

Our group got the first prize in the advertising project. We were stunned and happy. It was good.

The notice of selected students for the jobs was put up. Nobody from our friends got it. Damn bad.

I saw the old photos Manish had got about picnic and last years fun-fair. They were damn good. I saw my snap in two plaits and I took two plaits today for driving.

                                                       28th Feb 1987(Sat)

Last year of S.Y.B.Com. College was as usual. I’m looking forward to the next year without this people (all TY’s) (Third Year Bachelors’s of Commerce)

We went to meet Didi Ben who came at 3:00 a.m. on Sunday. It was fun. Ajay Bhai surprised her with his fiancée Swati Bhabhi. She got a shock. She couldn’t recognize me. Avni and Aditi are cute.

                                                       1st March 1987(Sun)

Today while coming back from Megh Mahal, Meeta Ben and myself were both feeling very insecure about the future.

Though we didn’t speak we could both feel it. We were very tired too and sleepy.

Can’t study at present – evening. Hemal though doesn’t need is studying hard. Even I will.

I’m going to do my best.

                                                      1st April 1987(Wed)

Exams got over.

And we were the biggest fools today. Since days they(the boys) had told us that Bharat was married and it’s wrong and they told us Hardik had an accident which was also proved wrong after many dramas.

A real hectic day.

Last we had a party from Manish-Jayshree.

                                                       5th April 1987(Sun)

Ajay bhai-Swati Babhi had come and Kalu and Mayuri-Nikhil and we three sisters we went to Aksa beach and then to Resort.

It was fun.

                                                       6th April 1987(Mon)

Today we started our banking lessons (classes)

Today was Shailesh’s birthday. I just felt like meeting everybody and I didn’t want to miss out so I went. As usual I was in a muddle. I thought that I would leave at 8:00 but those people wanted the party to warm up and then go so we went only at 7:45. Everybody was shouting at me. Even I felt damn bad. Those people said they would leave me. Hardik told me I was a Mandbuddhi(stupid). I felt damn damn bad. At Shailesh’s place they were somewhat teasing me with Shailesh. I couldn’t make out exactly what it was and I felt confused. I don’t like him (in that sense) but I somehow think I’ve given an impression of so. I better get myself out of the muddle.

I’ve made 2 resolutions

1)Do not take anything lightly.

2)Never go for late parties

One more extra

3)Always be sure about what you want to do and go about it.


                                                       11th April 1987(sat)

Today evening we went to Mud Island in Praful Bhai’s friends bungalow. It was a lovely bungalow just opposite to the beach.

We played Khecha-Khechi in the evening.

                                                      12th April 1987(Sun)

Got up at 6:30 and ran out to the beach. We 4 (Meena, Meeta, Vibha, Manisha) had lot and lot of fun rolling in the sand, burying each other and doing all kinds of possible things ever wanted. We did exercise too.

Then we all got wet and it was very enjoyable. The water was good. We got wet even standing near the shore.

We had also gone with Meena Kaki’s car and Datu Bhai to drive. I had to try 10-11 times to start the car.

We came back at night.

                                                      19th April 1987(Sun)

Today the NSB test was taken and we were the laughing stocks in the end when they took the question paper and gave us the answer paper.

Today was the fair of Bhatia’s. Malay-Minar-Sanjay had kept 2 stalls of games and it was fun and nice time pass.

I enjoyed Sanjay’s company. Though he was too much doting but no sweat as he calls me ‘Vibha Ben’

Rajul didn’t come. I had waited for her.

                                                               20th April 1987(Mon)

Today Ahmad’s letter came and he has written that I shouldn’t have given the perfume to Hardik as it was for ME only. I’m feeling damn bad about it now and I’m going to have to ask Hardik to give it to me. I like Ahmad for being so sweet.

                                                      21st April 1987(Tue)

Early in the morning Hemal told me that Meeta had got engaged. Of course it was a good occasion but I felt very sad while coming back in the Ist class lonely compartment of the train. It isn’t fair that only girls have to separate. But I consoled myself by the time I reached.

Then while having lunch Meeta Ben asked Mummy said we can send Vibha to states and she said ‘Yes, if Vibha has himmat (courage)”. I was very very happy.    

                                                      25th April 1987(Sat)

Ajay Bhai’s wedding.

I cried a lot at the beauty parlour because Meena Ben – Meeta Ben didn’t allow me to cut my hair and the hairstyle looked horrible. I didn’t have much fun.

                                                      26th April 1987(Sun)

Early in the morning Jayshree rang up to say that Nisha had got engaged.

It was a shock.

I had gone to their place as today was Mita’s engagement and then we went to Meeta’s Sasural (In-laws). I didn’t like Meeta’s fiancée much. I didn’t see Nisha’s fiancée. Meeta is going to America.

In the evening there was a meeting of Meena Ben also with an American fellow. Daxa Faiba and all have come and we went to Neelam in the evening.

                                                              27th April 1987(Mon)  

Meena Ben’s is also fixed. I had gone to Megh Mahal in the evening and all were very much excited there.

In the afternoon we had gone to Gorai Khadi and we sat on the boat twice and it was fun with the 3 gundis (daxa faibas daughters) singing poems and songs.

                                                      3rd May 1987(Sun)

Dilip Bhai (my future brother-in-law) had come home. He is very nice. I liked him.

                                                      4th May 1987(Mon)

Today was an eventful day.

Bhavna got engaged.

Meena Ben Ni Kankotri Lakhai (invitation for Meena Ben’s wedding got written)

Parimal bhai got engaged.

In the morning the Maharaj (cook) didn’t come and we all (Kaka’s and all) did the work.

                                                      5th May 1987(Tue)

Went to Bombay (town) to do some shopping. Bought Malay and Minar’s shirt.

                                                      6th May 1987(wed)

Went to Nisha’s place to get the Chaniya Cholis.

                                                      7th May 1987(Thu)

In the evening with the whole paltan went to National Park. It was fun.

                                                      9th May 1987(Sat)

Whole day went out shopping. From 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

                                                      10th May 1987(Sun)

My banking exam.

I couldn’t do it very fast. But was easy.

                                                       11th May 1987(Mon)

Paid fees.

Then Nisha became a very good girl and left us at Gita’s house. Meeta Ben was with us. I enjoyed in college. I always enjoy when I’m in wisdomy mood.

                                                       15th May 1987(Fri)

A busy day.

Morning I had put Mehndi and then whole day was busy-busy.

                                                       16th May 1987(Sat)

Meena Ben got married.

The marriage was a tiring business. I hope I don’t have to get married in that way.

I felt very very sad when Meena Ben left our house. I had thought that I wouldn’t cry but I had to.

At night I had thoughts that Meena Ben – Meeta Ben both had gone and I cried inside.

                                                      17th May 1987(Sun)

Meena Ben’s night bag was left behind at home and I felt damn bad for her. I prayed to God that it wouldn’t spoil their night. I hope god listened.

Today morning we got a bouquet, two cards and a bedroom meter for the newly wed couple and went to Sun-N-Sand to give them. We had to give Meena Ben’s clothes also.

While coming back I was feeling damn bad and I cried.

Today the house was quiet. Though we rested I had that missing something thought. It is damn bad – bad – bad.

Now we’re 5 and soon 4 and then I’ll be 2.

                                                      24th May 1987(Sun)

We had fun-fair in the building. It was fun. Though with two plaits I was looking horrible. The crowd was good, quantity wise.

                                                      31st May 1987(Sun)

Today early in the morning at 4:00 a.m. Dilip Bhai to States. We, whole family had gone to leave him at the Airport. I enjoyed with Bhakti.

Meena Ben came back with us.

                                                       7th June 1987(Sun)

My birthday.

In the morning I was in a very bad mood.

In the evening we had gone to Gorai. It was crowded like none other day.

Then we went to Star Galaxy for Fun –Fair. It was fun.

                                                       8th June 1987(Mon)

Bhavna got formally engaged.

In the evening I had worn Kalu’s chaniya choli. It was all mix-mix and confusion.

Meena Ben went to Ahmedabad.

                                                       21st June 1987(Sun)

Today morning we went to Matunga and then to Mama’s place to have lunch.

There was a movie on TV about life of a girl, a real story with the same actress. You could see what determination and confidence can do for a person.

                                                       23rd June 1987(Tue)

Today was the computer exams. It wasn’t easy but I may pass.

In the evening we went to Ahmedabad.

I felt very bad when Kalu said she wouldn’t come with me. This days I feel as if I’m becoming more and more a person whom nobody wants to go alone with.

                                                                24th June 1987(Wed)

We reached Ahmedabad and went to Gandhinagar.

After many days I played and it was fun.

Malay got 85.28% in SSC.

                                                       25th June 1987(Thu)

Today we went shopping. In the night we left Ahmedabad. Everybody had come to leave us.

We had gone to Babita’s place at Ahmedabad. It was good to see Kalpan. Babita’s house is very big.

                                                       26th June 1987(Fri)

We came home and when I got up nobody was there. Both time I ate at Lata Masi’s place. The whole day I was alone. I felt like crying a lot of times. This days I feel as if nobody likes me.

But I know that there’ll be a place where I’ll find myself enjoying myself.

                                                       27th June 1987(Sat)

Malay took admission in SIES.

                                                       28th June 1987(sun)

Today in the evening we 3 old neighbours went to Chhota Kashmir and then to Shiv Sagar. It was fun.

                                                       9th July 1987(Thu)

Meena Ben went to America. I didn’t cry a bit at the airport. She’ll be missed. We were 50 of us at the airport.

                                                       12th July 1987(Sun)

We shifted to Sion. It was different in the evenings to have a home here.

In the mornings Mama and all were there to help us pack and late evening all the Kaka-Kaki’s and others were there at the new place to help unpack. Manisha and all cried a lot. I didn’t.

                                                       13th July 1897(Mon)

It was a big drag trying to reach college. An adjustment day.

                                                       14th July 1987(Tue)

Meena Ben is missed a bit too much by everybody.

                                                       16th July 1987(Thu)

I got a new friend, Trupti to go with me to Experts (accounting classes). It is good. Thank You God.

                                                       17th July 1987(Fri)

Today was our party Ami, Hemal and mine. We went to ‘Hindola’. It was good to see everybody (our original group) together. We reached home(Nisha’s) at 12:00 midnight.

                                                       18th July 1987(Sat)

Went to Borivli from ‘Experts’ to visit old friends.

                                                       19th July 1987(Sun)

All had come to Sion at our home in the evening. Not in good mood which was bad for my reputation.

                                                       21st July 1987(Tue)

Everybody is falling sick one after another. When I had cold, I remembered Meena Ben. Wrote a letter to her.

Meeta Ben ‘to’ sat for 2 nights with her 3 lines on it.

                                                       26th July 1987(sun)

Went to Kailash Ben’s place to have dinner with whole Sheth family.

                                                       2nd Aug 1987(Sun)

Lunch was at Lata Masi’s place. Then we with 4 cars had gone to Aksha Beach. It was fun. We all children, we formed a line and all ran. It was fun.

                                                       3rd Aug 1987(Mon)

Tomorrow teachers are going on strike. So holidays.

                                                       29th Aug 1987(Sat)

Shital(9) and Swati(8) Bhabhi’s fast breaking ‘Parna’. Today was a busy day. It was damn boring at Megh Mahal.

Jasmine Bhabhi got a baby boy.

                                                       4th Sept 1987(Fri)

Today in the evening everybody was at home all at once. It was Dhamal – Dhamal.

I’ve noticed one thing in me. I don’t feel free and enjoy and let others enjoy with me. It is as if I am afraid. No confidence.

I’ll have to learn to have confidence in myself soon, very soon before it is too late.

                                                       6th Sept 1987(sun)

The STRIKE is still going on. I think I’m very badly affected by it. I think I’m growing up now. I do all the work at home. I’ve learned cooking too. It is fun to cook. I like cooking.

Last Sunday Bhumpi had come with me to stay here and it was fun. Even Manisha had come for a day.

I just at times feel damn bugged and disgusted with everything. I’m doing investigation on all courses of computers.

My first choice is America, of course.

Second is that Madra University.

Third is Piscean University.

Though I want to got to datapro and NIIT to inquire.

Today when I was very very bored at home, Nisha rang up and Sanjesh(her fiancée) too spoke to me. It was very very refreshing.

                                                      11th Sept 1987(Fri)

I met Hemal at Bandra and then both of us went to Sophia college first. There we inquired about computers also. But it isn’t good there. Then we went to Snowman’s (for ice cream) and then roamed about Nariman Point searching for NIIT and Datapro.

We didn’t get much info about NIIT as they were in a hurry but the DataPro counselor was good and the course must be good. Now I am in two minds whether to do Datapro or Piscean University. P.U. is worth as they give degree but I do not know how their teaching techniques are. But I hope something comes up soon so that I can make up my mind. I think at present I’ll opt for P.U.

                                                      13th Sept 1987(Sun)

A Day at the beach. We went to Mud Island to Mahindra and Mahindra’s bungalow. Hakku, Kali, Dipa, Manisha, had come. We went for a swim and Dipa and Meeta Ben swam and they really enjoyed themselves. We had fun with the ropes and musical chairs in the eveing. It was good to play again. We all were red. Then in the evening we sat at the beach seeing the sun set and Dipa and Kalu sang songs. It was really good.

Then we came back in the Gypsy with thecover drawn up and sang songs.

                                                      14th Sept 1987(Mon)

It was Manish’s birthday and in the evening I just felt like meeting everybody and I went there. But it was more torturing than fun. Though it was good to see Nimish, Manish and Shailesh. I got bugged at Hardik. He think no ends of himself.. I’m never going to late parties as I torture myself as well as others.

                                                      17th Sept 1987(Thu)

Today there was Dandia Raas at Avanti. I thought I wouldn’t play but I just couldn’t resist. Kalu said I was very stiff while playing. I think Kalu’s Ketan had come but she didn’t tell us. Even Bina, our new neighbour had come and she enjoyed with us.

                                                      20th Sept 1987(sun)

The strike is still ‘ON’ But today was a fabulous day.

We had a get together in school. It was the best time I had ever. It was good to see all the old faces again. And though at the start all were somewhat inside themselves, by the end all were having fun and were free. We went to the chapel. Sister Aloysia had come. She is very cute. She said that prayers has a lot of power and we should pray for the strike to end. The teachers had also come and it was fun. We played games and all.

Then Manisha and Kaka and Masi and Bhumpi had come to take us. Then Bhumpi and myself went to Goyal and then to Mami’s place and then to Lata Masi’s place and then to Neelam. I was given special service as Billu recognized me and there was special service and 10% discount.

Then we met Mahendra Bhai-Varsha Bhabhi and then we went to Wonderworld. It was fun. Till 12:30 we played cards and then slept in the AC. Thanks, God,  for everything.

                                                      13th Oct 1987(Tue)

This days there is always quarrels between Mummy and myself. She doesn’t like the fan, I do. She works slowly and I order. I know its mostly my fault. But its damn bugging to work after coming from college and then no fan and all.

Because of the fights and the no goody-goody feeling I feel as if I’m looking bad and am bad. Even in college everything is different now. I feel as if I have changed and my heart aches to get back my carefree days. I know I will never be like that now but I wish I always remain young and childish and innocent always though now I do want to  be wise and careful and kind and good too. I hope I never take the wrong and evil path. Help me God. Please. Let me do my Best.

                                                      22nd Oct 1987(Thu)

In the evening we got ready and went to Pedhi. But all were in bad tempers afterwards and for the first time since many years we all didn’t go together to a hotel.

                                                       23rd Oct 1987(Fri)

Today was ‘Saal Mubarak’ day (New Year). A day quite opposite from Borivli’s. Everybody was not in a mood. We went to all Kaka’s place.

In the evening we left for Kulpakji for pilgrimage and outing.

                                                       1st Dec 1987(Tue)

Today was the traditional day in college. I had worn Kalu’s chaniya choli. We went to studio to take snaps. I had gone to Jayshree’s place to get ready.

                                                       9th Dec 1987(Wed)

I went to Borivli and went with Guddi to give all cards for her wedding. It was fun.

                                                       14th dec 1987(Mon)

I went to put Mehndi and stayed at Borivli without my own clothes.

Borivli is damn fun and fresh.

                                                       16th Dec 1987(Wed)

Bhavna got married.

An important chapter in life. Unfortunately I had got my chums and couldn’t sit on the stage during the marriage. But reception was fun. Except I didn’t know what to talk to the newly weds. I didn’t even give the gift to Guddi. It was all stupidy stupid. But it was exciting. Bhumpi was fun. She didn’t cry much and was quite a sport. The couple looked very small small.

I hope they have a happy life.

                                                       19th Dec 1987(sat)

I’ve changed quite a lot coming to Sion. Though I like the people here, I miss the carefree days I had there. There was something in the atmosphere there that made you happy which is not so here. I experience it everytime I go there.

Though Sion too has advantages, But I miss Borivli terribly at times especially the old times, times with Meena Ben. At Borivli all were free like village people. Here all are selfish in their own worlds. But I’m sure I’ll find my own type people here. God help me find them patiently.

This days I’m quite looking forward to find a steady boyfriend.