Spiritual Healing

I have never liked taking medicine. Nor have I ever liked to give it to my kids.  When the kids were young, I would prefer to have an argument with my husband than to give them medicine without need.  I believe the right way to cure any disease is to allow the body to take care of it and to help the process by good food, rest and exercise.

Thus, when I came across this book ‘Heal thyself – An explanation of the real cause and cure of disease’ by Dr. Edward Bach, I agreed with his views and would like to share it with you all. The book is a 56 page book and I believe the author is from England. The book is dedicated to all who suffer or who are in distress.

Dr. Bach says that modern medicine usually only treats the symptoms of the disease. Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort. He also states that disease, though apparently so cruel, is in itself beneficent and for our good and, if rightly interpreted, it will guide us to our essential faults. If properly treated it will be the cause of the removal of those faults and leave us better and greater than before.

He further goes to explain that our Soul guides us through life and we are fine as long as we listen to it and we are in unity with the world.  The two great fundamental errors: dissociation between our souls and our personalities and cruelty or wrong to others brings conflicts which leads to disease. This pain and suffering, Dr. Bach explains, can be easily cured if we understand and correct our errors.

The real primary diseases of man are such defects as pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability and greed.

Dr. Bach, further gives examples:

1) Pride, which is ignorance and rigidity of mind, will give rise to those diseases which produce rigidity and stiffness of body.

2) The penalties of hate are loneliness, violent uncontrollable temper, mental nerve storms and conditions of hysteria.

3) The diseases of introspection – neurosis, neurasthenia and similar conditions – which rob life of so much enjoyment, are caused by excessive self-love.

4) When ignorance and lack of wisdom are allowed to persist, short-sightednes and impairment of vision and hearing are the natural consequences.

5)  Instability of mind must lead to the same quality in the body with those various disorders which affect movement and coordination.

6) The result of greed and domination of others is such diseases as will render the sufferer a slave to his own body, with desires and ambitions curbed by the malady.

Dr. Bach further goes to explain the ways you can cure yourself from these diseases of mind. He explains about our role in this world, the true relationship between parents and children, the faults of modern materialistic world and how to come out of it unharmed. He believes that one of the reasons for today’s unhappiness are boredom and loss of real inner happiness. He asks us to solve this by enjoying every moment of life and live life in the present. He advises us to keep our bodies clean, externally and internally. He encourages us to be cheerful.

I could not agree more with Dr. Bach.

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